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Document Translation & Interpretation Services (K) Ltd.

For Quick, Certified Document Translation & Interpretation  Services in Kenya Since 2009: Call Now 07 03 22 88 40

Our Rates for 2019

The following is a guide to our translation rates. A specific quote is issued once we review your document and ascertain it's nature, volume, technicality and language pair. 

2017 RATES
School Diplomas, Degrees, Simplified School Results Transcripts.1,500
School Leaving Certificates1,500
Other Certificates and Attestations1,500
Simple to Detailed Medical Certificates1,800
Birth and Marriage Certificates1,800
Driving Licenses, Permits etc.1,500
Technical documents 2,000
Commercial documents 2,000
Legal documents2,000
Scientific documents2,000
These are charged according to the nature, technicality and language pair. Charged per word and a discount is available for large projects. Kindly call to inquire.

From 8 per word.

Important note:

Please note that translation starts after receipt of payment for your work. You can pay by MPesa to 07 03 22 88 40 and collect your document once its ready. 


It's advisable to call first the official number 07 03 22 88 40 to inquire about your particular document and language pair as well as the turn around time for your specific job.

Next you submit your document by email to The document has to be scanned using a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please note that we do not allow documents scanned using a phone camera.

Then after your document is accepted and reviewed, you need to make your payment either at our offices located at Chania Avenue in Kilimani (next to Yaya Centre), or you can pay by MPesa to 07 03 22 88 40 and then come to the office when your document is ready for collection, usually a minimum of 1 working day after your document is received and paid for.