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Interpretation Services

We provide unmatched Simultaneous Interpretation Services in Kenya for any kind of meeting such as conferences, workshops, training, board meetings etc, in the East and Central Africa region.

We deliver superior quality services at affordable prices in most international and local language pairs as case maybe.

We specialize in several languages, industry sectors and disciplines.

Our have a wide variety of European industry standard Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment such as Tour Guide systems, Push-to-talk Microphone Conference Systems, portable sound systems, and hearing assistance systems.

We also have walk-in interpreter booths, as well as tabletop booths.

Interpretation Equipment Rental


Our simultaneous interpreter booths are designed to fulfill our different client’s expectations. These are made from aluminum and acoustic materials to ensure a sound-proof environment for the interpreters.

They are designed for quick and easy setup and strike-down without minimal skills. The booths include a working table, 2 roof ventilation units, and cable conduits in the front and back sidewalls for ease of running power strips, as needed.


They are framed in aluminum casing and feature continuous solid metal fasteners between panels. These are ideal where air travel is involved or where there is limitation in space for setting up a full size booth.

Tour Guide Mobile Simultaneous System


A tour guide system is a portable wireless system used to send an audio message from a presenter to their audience. A typical tour guide system consists of a transmitter microphone for the presenter and receiver headsets for the listeners.

We have a 50+ channel mobile simultaneous interpretation / tour guide system, which is suitable for international conferences with multiple breakout rooms, as well as multiple tour groups operating within the same area. Up to 15 channels can operate concurrently with no interference.

Tour guide systems are ideal when normal conversation between a presenter and their audience is difficult. This could be when speaking to a large group of people outdoors, in a noisy area, or when you do not want to disturb other people in the same environment.

It allows the speaker to be clearly heard without having to strain his/her voice, while reducing frustration, distraction and confusing for their audience.

Tour Guide Mobile Simultaneous System


We provide a variety of audio-visual services in Nairobi and Kenya in general. 

Our audio-visual inventories in Kenya is quite impressive and we have supplied our clients with audio visual services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows or any kind of event.  

Our inventory of Audio and Visual Equipment include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Public Address Systems, microphones, exhibition audio kits, speakers, mixing consoles, lecterns, etc.

We further tailor our solutions to suit your needs.

Equipment Rental

Interpretation Booth

Mobile System 

P.A. System