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Document Translation & Interpretation Services (K) Ltd.

For Quick, Certified Document Translation & Interpretation  Services in Kenya Since 2009: Call Now 07 03 22 88 40

certified document translation services

Document Translation & Interpretation Services in Kenya Ltd is one of the leading translation companies and agencies based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide accurate, fast and professional certified document translation services in Kenya for all types of documents and interpretation solutions to guarantee your satisfaction in major all major international and local languages in general and specialized fields such as Legal, Commercial, Technical, Scientific.

We handle any of the following international language pairs: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, including African languages. The list is not exhaustible. Kindly inquire to fin out about your specific language. Give us a call on 07 03 22 88 40.

language classes

We also offer short language courses in Nairobi tailored to suit your needs and convenience in English, French, Kiswahili and Spanish. Please Visit: 

certified translation

We offer Certified Translation for all types of documents required by Foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Kenya, Kenyan Government agencies such as the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others.

Our translators are highly qualified individuals with several years' experience in their areas of expertise.

Our translation is accepted by the above agencies and our network of freelance translators ensure a quick turn around for any project.

urgent translation

Our normal waiting period is usually from 1 working day after receipt of payment for short documents. However, the duration depends on the current workload and you will be advised according as to when your document can be collected.

However, sometimes a document can required within a very short period, such as same day to a few hours other than the normal waiting period. We offer this but is charged an extra fee per page for the urgency.

our rates

Our rates are among the most affordable in the industry. Generally, we charge documents based on the following criteria:

Whether general or specialized fields. General documents such as simple educational certificates of not more than 250 words per page attract less charges per page while specialized documents such as technical, commercial and legal nature attract a higher rate.

Furthermore, a discount is given based on the volume of work presented. 

satisfied clients

Our long list of satisfied clients continues to increase by the day. They include countless individuals, corporate clients, non-governmental and charitable organizations.